How to Become a Virtual Assistant

So what is a “virtual assistant”? If you are thinking administrative assistant, than you are close but there is so much more to this field. With the internet there are a wide variety of task that can be done remotely done.

A virtual office assistant works from a home or mobile office. This setup allows the business that hires him to save overhead costs on items such as office space, furniture and supplies. There is also usually a savings on various insurances such as health, dental and unemployment, as virtual assistants are typically independent contractors and not employees of the business that hired them.

In a typical virtual assistant setup, the assistant works for several different clients and is usually responsible for finding those clients on his own. Virtual assistants also find work by looking through classified job listings or online job boards.

Most communication between the business and the virtual assistant is done via email or by video conferencing using programs such as Skype or Facetime. For this reason, it's crucially important for the virtual assistant to have a reliable computer system and access to fast Internet service.

Other office equipment that is quite handy for the successful virtual assistant to have is a printer, a cellphone, a filing cabinet and word processing software. One of the privileges that most virtual assistants enjoy most about the work they do is that they can move their office to different locations from day to day, if desired.

According to Amy Lyn Andrews blog How To Become A Virtual Assistant there are lots of things virtual assistants do:

1. Get a website

2. Read this insiders ebook

3. Get involved in social media with this tip

4. Be helpful

5. Hustle

6. Network with other VAs

7. Work for a VA service

You can read the full article How To Become A Virtual Assistant to get insight on what each step is.

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