Ways to Help You Gain More Repeat Clients

Great majority of freelancers focus highly on acquiring new customers but hardly do anything to gain repeat clients. What is the point to drive scores of new customers through your marketing channel when they are immediately going to leak out through a hole in the bottom?

Repeat sales are the life blood of successful freelancers. They have realized that keeping existing clients happy and working towards making them come back over and over again is much cheaper and easier. That’s because you have already previously served existing clients and they know your level of service and the quality you offer.

The lifetime value of a loyal client can be worth a great deal especially given the number of years you might sell to this customer.

Here are some ways you can gain more repeat clients:

      Put your best foot forward

The best way to get more sales from a client is to keep that client happy. You can do this by keeping your promise and delivering outstanding customer experience. You should also maintain rigorous quality standards. Most importantly make sure you don’t disappoint your client. When you have your client’s best interest at heart, it will reflect in your work and in your dealings. They will be happy to keep giving you work.

      Keep an eye on your client’s industry trend/news

Keeping yourself updated about latest happening in your client’s industry will shows your client that you have been thinking about their business. If you happen to come across an article that shows how your client can add value, send it their way. If you find their company mentioned in an article send them an email congratulating them.

      Build trust

This is one of the most important things you should do during the initial days. Make sure about quality of the products or services you offer. Be attentive to every minute details of the specification and do all that it take to meet the deadlines. Let your work reflect that you are trust worthy and dependable. If your product is not the right fit for your customer, tell them, they will trust you and know that you have their best interest at heart.

      Keep following

Often you will find some clients switching to different freelancers from time to time. It’s not always because there is something wrong in your service, but could be for many other reasons. Never break communications. The best way to ensure steady stream of repeat sales is to keep following up with your clients.

      Thank your customers

Thanking your clients shows that you value the work you receive from them and are serious about projects you get from them. You can express thank-you in the form of gifts as well. Make sure the way you thank your client is commensurate with the value of the customer’s business.

Repeat sales are the most efficient way for freelancers to generate more sales and boost your profits. But this doesn’t happen by chance. However if you follow above 5 steps, you can certainly see improvements in your sales and client trust.

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