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Fact: Sweet Side Jobs Commercial members see a 300% increase in engagement.

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Traditional marketing tactics are no longer serving its purpose. With a fast paced society and emerging trends, marketers have to look out for new ways to bring focus to their products and services. The classic marketing formula is also the safest one, AIDA (Attention, Interest , Desire , Action) and Animation videos have fit in this space perfectly.

Business which used animation to advertise their product have seen an astounding increase in their sales by 40%.

93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales, and communication.

96% of B2B companies are planning to use video in their content marketing over the coming years.

81% of people feature their video on their brand website.

Animation videos has the dynamism to seize the attention of the customer, and can be used ingeniously in any tone, be it professional, emotional, informative or funny, to create an everlasting impact on the customer.


Communicate with colleagues and clients in an unexpected and refreshing way by using our videos for plenty of business situations. It's as impactful as a viral video. Massively improve the way you manage and share your information.


Let us create an amazing personal video for your resume or to teach and inform in a fun and entertaining way with everyone you love. Or we can create animated videos and presentations to help you inspire, engage and present with a WOW.

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